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    Mal and Lard, the two cartoon ducks...

    ...appearing weekly in the Harborough Mail

    Welcome to the Mal and Lard blog and mini site

    Hello! Welcome to the official blog for Mal & Lard, the two cartoon ducks appearing weekly in the Harborough Mail.

    Here you will find the current weeks cartoon strip, as well as links to all the past strips dating back to when they first appeared in print on May 1st 2003. Hopefully you will find everything you ever wanted to know about Mal and Lard, but if not get in touch and I'll do my best to answer your questions!

    Feel free to comment or get in touch, I would love to know your thoughts. Click on any blog post to make a comment, but please remember when making a comment this is a blog for all ages. Enjoy!

    PS If there's a gap in the dates below it's because there was no Mal & Lard cartoon strip for that week :(


    Mal & Lard 27th September 2012 - New Waitrose in Market Harborough



    Mal & Lard 20th September 2012 - Recycle Bin Confusion


    Mal & Lard 13th September 2012 - Andy Murray First Grand Slam Win


    Mal & Lard 30th August 2012 - Lion on the loose!




    Mal & Lard 23rd August 2012 - Harborough Great Garden Awards


    Mal & Lard 9th August 2012 - Rock On The Rec!



    Mal & Lard 2nd August 2012 - Olympic fever


    Mal & Lard 26th July 2012 - The heat is on!

    In case you have no idea what Mal and Lard are talking about above then here's a link to the Harborough by the sea and Foxton Flugtag events.



    Mal & Lard 19th July 2012 - Is it still raining?


    Mal & Lard 12th July 2012 - Harborough Mail's Great Garden Awards


    Mal & Lard 5th July 2012 - Olympic Torch in Market Harborough

    The Olympic Torch finally arrived and subsequently passed through Market Harborough last Monday 2nd July. It was a bit on the wet side but despite the weather it was a great turnout from the crowds and all good fun. Enjoy!


    Mal & Lard 28th June 2012 - Olympic Torch in Harborough on Tuesday!

    It's almost here! The torch it's a coming! If you're in the Harborough area next Tuesday 2nd July make sure you're on the Olympic Torch route. I might just see you there. Enjoy!


    Mal & Lard 21st June 2012 - Olympic Torch banners in Harborough

    The Olympic Torch is coming through Market Harborough on the 2nd July. The colourful, funky official Olympic banners are adorning the lamp posts along the route, and I for one can't wait to cheer on the lucky torch bearers. I'll be watching with glee whilst attempting to get my 2 year old twins excited about the event! Wish me luck and hope to see you there. Enjoy!


    Mal & Lard 14th June 2012 - Driving School coming to Harborough

    The news this week is that Market Harborough is to have it's own driving test centre. Personally I can't wait until the town is flooded with learner drivers. I love sitting behind cars sporting giant red L's travelling at four miles per hour, it really gives you a chance to take in the town and enjoy the view!


    Mal & Lard 7th June 2012 - No Cartoon!