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    Vector illustrator and designer...

    Cartoons, characters, graphic & logo design and so much more!

    Welcome to the Ant Creations blog and website

    Hello! As you've hopefully deduced from the title above, this site is dedicated to showcase my work on the world wide web and also explain a little about the kind of illustration and design that I create. My name is Nathan Shelton and I have been drawing and doodling cartoons as long as I can remember! I have a passion for creating funky artwork, cool characters, unique illustration and great design in general! I've been running Ant Creations the business since I started illustrating professionally in the year 2000, and am now based in Market Harborough, Leicester in the UK. Anyway enough with the reading, have a look around, check out my blog below and my work throughout the site, and if you need to get in touch I would love to hear from you. Kick back, relax and give your eyes a treat. Enjoy! 


    Eye Kettleby Lakes Logo Design - Corporate Identity Branding

    I created a new logo for Eye Kettleby Lakes a little while back. Eye Kettleby Lakes is situated in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside on the outskirts of Melton Mowbray. It's a family run fishery set in 150 acres which also has 12 luxury round log cabins and a tranquil touring park. A new corporate identity was needed and a whole new logo as we were starting from scratch due to there being no previous logo design for the company. The brief was initially quite broad, and we were unsure whether to use an icon related to fishing, log cabins or caravans etc. Following several stages of design it was decided to be more broad in the choice of icon. We did not want the logo to be too restrictive with regards to the 'topic' of any image or icon used, and by being a little more open in our approach with the theme it would 'future proof' the logo as much as possible to cover all the various aspects of the business.

    Below you can see several stages of the design proces, mocked up on compliment slips or business cards along with some slight variations of each theme. We actually went through many other designs, tweaks and colour schemes but these should give an overall picture of the project as a whole.

    The final design was chosen to incorporate a tree icon. This was felt to be broad enough in it's theme and covered the countryside and 'back to nature' ethos of the company. I've shown the final logo in black, but also a few variations with colour to show the diversity the logo has and how it can be displayed in different settings and colours etc. Let me know what you think and if you'd have chosen a different approach maybe. Cheers and enjoy! 





    Scientist Character Design - Illustrated Cartoon Scientist

    If I asked you to picture a cartoon scientist you would undoubtedly imagine the white coat, big glasses/goggles and some crazy hair of some kind. Add in some bubbling, smoky liquid in a test tube and you've got your typical scientist (mad scientist) character.

    This is exactly what the client needed, so who am I to argue with tradition?! I did create a choice of other scientist sketches following the similar theme, and a favourite was chosen and vectored up to final artwork. Let me know what you think or if you'd have preferred a different scientist from my sketches. Cheers ands enjoy!



    Caveboy - Caveman Character Design and Illustration

    A client needed a caveman, or to be more specific a caveboy character created. The character needed to appeal to kids and was to be used for learning and informational purposes in an environment that specifically deals with heritage and historical education. Things to consider were that the character looked fun and friendly but not too cartoony. Also needed to be considered was that the character could have the potential to be dressed in different period costume to show the same boy in different outfits and therefore periods of time.

    You can see the first stage of sketches below, and following feedback from the client the final vector artwork for the caveboy is shown with and without a background. Any feedback is appreciated as always. Cheers and enjoy!



    New Logo Design for We Are Epic - Corporate Identity Branding

    I was asked to help design the new corporate identity, logo for We Are Epic (Epic for short). I have been working with the Leicester based design company for some time, and therefore had a good idea of the type of business they are and what style of branding would work for them.

    We worked closely together to come up with a text based design, simply concentrating on the word 'epic'. The new branding needed to be fresh but fun, with the ability to use the logo in many colour schemes including a single coloured version. I tried a variety of text styles in an attempt to get the 'feel' of the brand just right. You can see my first stage of designs on the image below with the blueish squares. I've also added my initial sketches so you can see exactly where my design process begins.

    The client then narrowed the choice to two potentials as you can see on the second pic. We also tried a few colour variations to see what worked for the future.

    The third pic below shows the final logo in a single black colour. I think you'll agree there are some obvious links to perhaps an 80's style, but hopefully a more modern twist and different or advanced enough to stand the test of time. Let me know what you think or if you'd have chosen a different path. Cheers and enjoy!


    Pump Clip for The Langton Brewery - Welland Valley Vintage Traction Club

    The Langton Brewery have another great beer to add to their collection. This one is named 'Traction' and has been especially created for Welland Valley Vintage Traction Club. The beer should be available in designated fine drinking establisments in and around the Leicestershire area soon. As you may know I've created many pump clips and beer labels for the brewery over the years. You can see them all in my portfolio.

    If you spot the pump clip at a bar near you then feel free to take a pic and post it on my Facebook page. I always like to see my work out and about in the real world. Cheers and enjoy!